Course Fee


Course Duration

2-Months, Weekly-3 Lectures, 3-Labs

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare, install, and configure network infrastructure using Windows Server, as well as install and configure Windows clients. The course will cover topics such as Active Directory, network resource sharing, security policies, and group policies. Students will also learn how to create a server-client environment and gain the skills needed to become a Network Administrator or Network Controller.
. Comprehensive coverage of Windows Server, Active Directory, and Windows clients
. Hands-on labs to reinforce learning
. Instructor-led lectures to provide a structured learning experience
. Project-based approach to help students apply their skills in a real-world scenario
. Flexible scheduling with 3 lectures and 3 labs per week
. Small class size to provide personalized attention and support
. Gain essential skills to pursue a career as a Network Administrator or Network Controller
. Learn from experienced instructors who have expertise in networking and Windows Server
. Hands-on experience with industry-standard tools and technologies
. Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills
. Improve your resume with a certification in Windows Server and network infrastructure
This course is ideal for individuals who want to enter the field of networking or advance their existing knowledge and skills. The comprehensive curriculum covers essential topics that are highly relevant to the industry. The hands-on approach provides a practical learning experience that prepares students for real-world scenarios. Additionally, the project-based approach enables students to apply their skills and knowledge to create a server-client environment. The small class size ensures personalized attention and support from experienced instructors.
Network Management, Handles office data
. Basic computer skills
. Knowledge of networking concepts
. Familiarity with Windows operating system
Week 1:

. Introduction to Windows Server
. Installation and Configuration of Windows Server
. Network Infrastructure Configuration
Week 2:

. Active Directory and Domain Services
. User and Group Management
. Resource Sharing
Week 3:

. Group Policies
. Security Policies
. Network Troubleshooting
Week 4:

. Installation and Configuration of Windows Clients
. Joining Clients to a Domain
. Network Administration Tools
Week 5:

. Network Topology
. Use of RJ45, Hub & Switch
. Network Monitoring and Maintenance
Week 6:

. Server-Client Environment Project
. Final Exam Review
. Certification Exam Preparation