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Course Duration

3-Months, Weekly-3 Lectures, 3-Labs

The Computer Fundamental course is designed to provide individuals with a foundational understanding of computer concepts, network essentials, typing skills, operating systems, and more. It is an ideal program for those looking to enhance their computer skills and improve their employability.
The course covers a range of essential computer skills, including operating systems like Windows 7,8,10, internet browsing and search skills, and the use of social media. It also covers popular office software applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. The course also includes hardware assembling, software installation, and computer management.
Upon completion of the course, students will have a strong foundation in computer concepts and skills, making them more employable in various industries. They will have an understanding of popular office software applications, allowing them to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. Additionally, students will have gained essential hardware and software management skills, making them more valuable in the workforce.
The Computer Fundamental course is an ideal program for those who want to improve their computer skills and employability. It covers a broad range of topics, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of computer concepts and software applications. Additionally, the course is taught by experienced instructors who provide personalized instruction and support.
The course is highly relevant in today's job market, as employers increasingly require individuals with strong computer skills. Graduates of the program can work as computer operators, data entry operators, office assistants, and accounts assistants. They can find employment opportunities in various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and more.
There are no specific prerequisites for the course. However, basic computer literacy is preferred. Students should have a working knowledge of the Windows operating system and basic internet browsing skills.
The course is three months long, with three weekly lectures and three lab sessions. The course outline is as follows:
. Computer Concepts and Network Essentials
. Typing Skill (Typing Master)
. Operating Systems (Windows 7,8,10)
. Internet Browsing and Searching, Use of Social Media
. Introduction to Online Working
. Office Management
. MS Word 2021
. MS Excel 2021 (VBA level)
. MS PowerPoint 2021
. MS Access 2021
. MS Outlook 2021
. Urdu Composing with InPage
. Computer Management
. Hardware Assembling and Software Installation
. Market Scope and Employability Opportunities.