Board of Director

The Creators of "EVI" Who show their power in a full mannerism due to what the institute is able to progress. They understand the requirements of institute & modrenism of the technology. So, they take bold and advance steps for the new & old ethics. They both are the pillars upon what "EVI" is stand.


Syed Ather Ali Bukhari


Sheikh Muhammad Awais


Call To Action

"EVI" arranges regular parent-teacher meetings and open communication where they are allowed to address their concerns to enhance student learning (a call to action) and we always try to foster collaboration and create a sense of shared responsibility for student success. This can lead to a more cohesive and supportive community. Parent-teacher conferences inform parents about their kids' development and support them in keeping up their grades.

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42 Lower mall, near MCB Session Court, Canteen Stop, Lahore.