About EDGE Vision Institute

EVI (EDGE Vision Institute) is one of the best and reliable professional training institute of Lahore, Pakistan. We provide professional, technical, updated trainings very economically.

Our creativity in education and aim to enhance the professional abilities of students that they become successful in every field of life. They start thinking about their career as a professional, running their own businesses or become able to earn good jobs in government and private sectors using their hidden creative skills.
That’s why we say “Creativity Speaks Itself” and “We Generate the Creators”.

  • Our courses suit to beginners, Intermediates and advance students to enchase their technical and creative capabilities to excel in real life career.
  • Along with computer courses "EVI" also provide “English communication Courses” to enhance the confidence and develop presentational skills.
  • EVI are the leading institute offer more than thirty discipline in computer education.
  • EVI provides both standard and modified individual and group training.

WHY EDGE Vision Institute

When choosing an educational institute, the college, school, computer college or academy you should considering it on the ability of provide quality education, its reputation, recognition, resources and facilities, student support, and the achievements of its students.

Alhamdullilah! EDGE Vision Institute provide all the qualities of Best Educational Institute at Lahore for computer education and for academy programs. Our institution's significance and main goal is to give its learners a high-quality education and hands on practice in their respective subjects. “EVI” is with best reputation and good track record of producing successful students. Who made significant contributions in their respective fields, we meet all educational standards and are considered them important. Our computer labs provide our students the best technology experience with update computer machines, which are very important factors to make “EVI” an excellent educational computer institute. The level of support we offered to our students, such as academic counseling, career services, and extracurricular activities can also contribute to the importance of our institute. Our students work in every field of life and gain success and achievements and make themselves essential for society. Following are the main features of EVI.

  • Practical Exposure
  • Multimedia Projectors & LCDs
  • Digital Library
  • Internet Access(Free)
  • Individual Guidance
  • Free Career Counseling
  • Printing (Free)
  • Free Softwares
  • Retake Facility
  • Monthly Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Workshops on Latest IT Issues
  • Separate Labs for Boys & Girls

EDGE Vision Courses

Courses are the fundamental component of any educational institute, Because they provide a structured learning environment, clear learning outcomes, consistency in education delivery, and a framework for assessment and recognition.

"EVI" Trainings and coursers are always enhancing the skills and strengths of students. We are an institute who train our students on a very high professional level that they can serve on high scale. "EVI"successfully giving students professional training in following contents


Computer Courses

We generated professional “IT experts” in all fields of computers either its Design, Development, Creativity or MS Office.


Acedemic Courses

We council the students in different Academic fields to bring the people in Law, Politics, Socialism and Business.


English Programs

Language is a unit key to understand. So, we build the students a Good Communicator, Debater, Dialog Art Master in English.


Technical Programs

The courses give the professional technical skills in the field of Art & Design, Short Hand, Stitching and Freelance, we provided.

Call To Action

"EVI" arrange regular parent-teacher meetings and open communication where they are allowed to address their concerns to enhance student learning (call to action) and we always try to foster collaboration and create a sense of shared responsibility for student success. This can lead to a more cohesive and supportive community.

Most Demanding Courses

The following courses are selected on personal interests, career goals, and individual strengths and weaknesses of students.


Following are the critical difference between EDGE Vision institute with other colleges on the basis of the information we collected from different scenes and surveys performed on physical and digital grounds.

Training Vs Teaching
In Depth Exposure Vs Flavoring (Just Hello to tools)
Most Updated Vs Old Outline
Professional Developers Vs Traditional Teachers
Project Development Vs Bookish Details
Practical Approach Vs Theoretical Approach
Trouble Shooting Handling Vs Regular Study
Most Cost Effective Training Vs Expensive Training Programs

Popular Courses

"EVI" select different courses according to different factors such as location, industry trends, high enrollment rate, high demand in the job market, offering good career paths and cultural influences.


It's hard to make an approach of someone in academic’s, But ALHAMDULILLAH We are able to give the best shot in every manner of education. We make our students Strong, Powerful, Energetic not only in studies but character too. Its not the education, if someone is not able to make betterment in character.

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42 Lower mall, near MCB Session Court, Canteen Stop, Lahore.